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Lens is a transparent medium which is formed by joining two pieces of spherical glass. There are two types of lenses.


Optical Centre of Lens : It is the centre of the lens through which light can pass without any deviation. Principal Axis : It is the line passing through optical centre and is perpendicular to the line joining its edges. Principal Focus : It is a point on the principal axis where all light rays which are parallel to principal axis either converge or appear to diverge from, after refraction. A beam of light parallel to principal axis either gets converged or diverged after refraction by a lens. Some lenses converge the beam of light to a small extent and some lenses converge it to a large extent.

This ability of lens to converge or diverge a beam of light is known as the power of lens. Si unit of power of lens is dioptre : One dioptre is the power of a lens whose focal length is 1 m.

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If two or more lenses are placed together to form a combined lens then the power of this combined lens is equal to the sum of the powers of individual lenses. Please send your queries to ncerthelp gmail.

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Link of our facebook page is given in sidebar. Copyright ncerthelp. Chapter 10 Light Reflection and Refraction notes download in pdf which has explanation of light reflection and refraction, light reflection and refraction class 10, light reflection and refraction class 10 notes, reflection and refraction of light.

Ray of Light : A line drawn in the direction of propagation of light is called a ray of light. Beam of Light : A group of rays of light emitted by a source of light is called a beam of light.

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This 9. There are two types of spherical mirror. Principal Focus : A point on the principal axis of a spherical mirror where the rays of light parallel to the principal axis meet or appear to meet after reflection from the mirror.

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Focal Length : The distance between the pole P and principal focus F of a spherical mirror is called the focal length of the mirror. Uses of Concave Mirror : i It is used as a shaving mirror because when it is placed close to the face, it forms a large image.

Uses of Convex Mirror : i It is used as rear view mirror in automobiles because it gives erect image as well as diminished due to which Pt has wider field of view. Magnification : It is defined as the ratio of height of image to the height of the object.

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  • Laws of Refraction : i The incident ray, the refracted ray and the normal at the point of incidence all lie in the same plane. The Refractive Index : The refractive index of medium 2 with respect to medium is given by the ratio of the speed of light in medium 1 and the speed of light in medium 2.


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    This can be expressed in an equation form as While hummingbirds may point us to Scripture, it is Scripture which enables us to understand hummingbirds. And in every matter, His word is found reliable and relevant for our daily lives. Within the pages, readers follow Caleb Rodriguez through Scripture, with insightful commentary and discussion questions. Featuring the Refracted Glory clips referenced in the study booklet, plus new content presented by David Rives. Hummingbirds, whether viewed in the fossil record or in flight, in laboratories or in backyards, point us to the eternal life only found in Jesus Christ.

    Author Caleb Rodriguez builds upon the Biblical foundations of Refracted Glory, venturing deeper into the pages of Scripture. Your email address will not be published.

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